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Google as a social network?

So friends, google us (at least to me) has surprised us again with the creation of a fully integrated social network for all services already included. It is probably a direct competition with Facebook, to name just a social network. The funny thing about this network, which is called Google +, is also being integrated with the browser (you can do +1 to any search result of this, sharing album’s Picasso documents GDocs, calendar events, create circles friends, fully dynamic …) seems like a way of socializing out its new operating system OS Chromium, on which we’ll talk soon. Never miss a detail, or we leave the videos below!   [Read more ...]  

400W DC Home Inverter

The friend Paco from Malaga sends us a great project of a DC inverter power 400W home he has done. He has mounted following a recent change in the PV system has changed from 12V to 24V and wanted to reuse what we already had. With an input voltage between 18V and 30V output configurable get a 5 to 20V and 20 Amps (at 12V).   [Read more ...]  

NE555 home Footrests

When you live in your own geek world and say: “Go, do not you do something for the house?” I personally I can think of thousands of things like plague the XBee to control house to the dog breath. Yet another good project can be a single footrest that can often be used as this has the classic shape of the NE555 . It is a 30 times larger than the chip, made of 25 individual pieces of wood and is completely at in great detail.   [Read more ...]

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